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    The Airman Powered Paraglider Helmets 100% meet the PPG pilot's demands:


  - Comfortable, light weight, solid built-to-last construction

  - The excellent quality Swedish made PELTOR headphone ear muffs greatly reduce outside noise

  - A transmit activation switch on the headphones housing enables the pilot to transmit and receive without letting   go of the paraglider's brake lever.

  - The helmet provides an excellent, unblocked view; which is especially important during take offs.

  - Esthetically pleasing design

  - Comes in a variety of colors (metallic blue, black, matt black, white, metallic silver)




    Black or white with headset:                    120 EUR , without headset 90 EUR + shipping and handling

     Metallic Silver or blue with headset :        130 EUR, without headset 100 EUR + shipping and handling



   Airman helmets sizes:

               Medium : 58-59 cm                Large: 60-61 cm




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 Airman PPG helmet with PELTOR headphone ear muffs.



Flying with the Airman helmet in Kecskemét, Hungary 




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